Soil or Hydro

In this guide you will learn Soil Hydro Substrates Clay pelletsRockwoolHydro soil A frequently asked question is about what’s better; growing in soil or in hydroponics. However, these are two very different methods, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. […]

  • Introduction to Growing
Grow gear

Fan controllerReflectroAir intake You have to create an excellent climate for your marijuana plants for them to grow. Outdoors, you’re unable to influence the hours of sunlight your plants get every day. You also can’t do anything about the temperature […]

  • Introduction to Growing
Installing your grow room

In this guide you will learn Setting up the tent Install air exhaust an filter Install air inlet Install light Final steps Install tentAir exhaustAir flow In this course I teach you how to install a growing room. It’s not […]

  • Introduction to Growing
Grow room requirements

Air exhaustReflecting wallsWaterproof floor A major advantage of growing indoors is that we can influence all factors a marijuana plant needs to optimally grow. Outdoor temperatures change on a daily basis, but indoors we can determine how cold and warm […]

  • Introduction to Growing
Marijuana plant metabolism

In this guide you will learn Converting light into energy Absorption of nutrients Transportation of nutrients Converting nutrients into building materials OsmosisCreation of glucosePhotosynthesis To achieve a successful harvest, it’s important to understand both how a marijuana plant works and […]

  • Introduction to Growing
Basic needs of a marijuana plant

In this guide you will learn Indoor vs outdoor CO2 Light Water Nutrients Limiting factor White WidowFlowering stageBuds stage A marijuana plant makes its own materials. This takes place in a process called photosynthesis. The leaves catch sunlight and will […]

  • Introduction to Growing
Seeds and strains

In this guide you will learn Cannabis Indica Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Ruderalis Hybrids Regular marijuana seeds Feminized marijuana seeds Autoflowering marijuana seeds Bergman’s favorites Super Silver HazeSuper Silver HazeSuper Skunk Auto You now know about the different types of marijuana […]

  • Introduction to Growing
Introduction to growing marijuana

In this guide you will learn The short life of a marijuana plant Male and female plants THC and CBD Different types of marijuana Marijuana seeds Harvesting 6 times a year Growing only female plants 15 days vegetative stage29 days […]

  • Introduction to Growing
Start here

Marijuana flowersMarijuana plantsMarijuana buds Congratulations on choosing Bergman’s Lab! I’ll be your guide during this online course to show you exactly what you need to do to grow high-quality marijuana. I’ve worked on this course for over a year, and […]

  • Introduction to Growing

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