DIY bubble bucket

In this guide you will learn What you need Installation In this course I will teach you how to make a simple bubble bucket system for five plants for only $50. It honestly isn’t inferior to commercial systems that often […]

  • Bubble Buckets
How to install

In this guide you will learn The system How to install Testing the system Placing your plants Bubble bucketsSet it upSystem works It’s comparable to other professional systems I’ve seen, but this one looks even cooler because of the fluorescent […]

  • Bubble Buckets
What are bubble buckets

In this guide you will learn What are bubble buckets Pros and Cons How to start Bubble bucketsHydrocultureBubble buckets grow Bubble buckets are a very fun way to get acquainted with growing marijuana on a hydroculture. In bubble buckets, the […]

  • Bubble Buckets

In this guide you will learn Why hydro Shopping list Building the system Water schedule MaterialsHydro pelletsTwo tubs pallets Although most people who cultivate outdoors grow in soil, it’s also possible to grow on hydro. In this course I will […]

  • Outdoor

In this guide you will learn Location Growing techniques Types Marijuana seeds Summary OutdoorBackyardRooftop Outdoor growing is one of the coolest things. I’m lucky to have a big backyard and my neighbors don’t complain, so I have a perfect place […]

  • Outdoor

Diffusion Of Water Molecules In Osmosis In this guide you will learn What is osmosis? Absorption of nutrients through osmosis Reverse osmosis Turgor and plasmolysis Osmosis is an important process for a marijuana plant. It keeps tension on the cells, […]

  • Plant Biology

Stomata visible to the naked eye In this guide you will learn Xylem Climate and stomata CO2 and light intensity Humidity and stomata The leaves of marijuana plants are covered with stomata. These stomata are only found on the underside […]

  • Plant Biology
Transport inside the plant

In this guide you will learn Xylem Phloems Loading and unloading phloem Sending sugars to the right location Storage of sugars A properly functioning transportation system in the plant creates a healthy, strong plant. Sugars from the leaves, water and […]

  • Plant Biology

Respiration In this guide you will learn Two types of respiration Growth respiration Respiration in a closed space Just like humans, a marijuana plant has to breathe: take in oxygen from the air. This is used in the respiration that […]

  • Plant Biology

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